Step 2. Conducting Interviews

An organisation is only ever as good as its people, and recruiting the right people for the right roles is vital to the success of any business. xCalibre Ignite’s mission is to help all its clients attract and retain the most committed and effective staff available.

The interview is your chance to discover whether an applicant has the skills, experience, knowledge, attitude and motivations that will see them succeed within your organisation and in the role they will be performing.

Some tips for conducting successful interviews:

  • Read the applicant’s resume (and Consultant’s notes) thoroughly and prepare any queries on issues you want clarified. Discuss these with any colleagues who will also be attending the interview.
  • Set aside enough time for a comprehensive interview, don’t rush the process.
  • Prepare some ‘behavioural-based’ questions. These questions are designed to uncover exactly how a candidate has behaved (or would behave) in a certain situation. Using your job description, tailor these questions for your organisation and the specific duties required in the role.
  • Use the same questions for each candidate, so you are more easily able to make comparisons. Examples of behavioural questions could be:
  1. This role requires very high attention to detail. Can you tell me about a time where you made an error in your work, and how you rectified your mistake?
  2. Describe a situation where you had to go beyond the call of duty for a client.
  3. Give me a specific example of a highly stressful situation you encountered at work, and how you dealt with it.
  • Take notes throughout the interview, and don’t hesitate to probe further on a question if you feel the response is insufficient or needs clarification.
  • Give a positive and engaging description of your organisation and the role, including the culture and future plans of the company.
  • Ask the candidate if they have any questions. A conscientious candidate will have some prepared.
  • Discuss the candidate with your colleagues and/or recruitment consultant as soon as possible after the interview, when your thoughts and impressions are still fresh.

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