Step 1. The Application Process

xCalibre Ignite’s application process is thorough and transparent, and highlights our commitment to working with Candidates who are highly motivated and ready to make their next career move.

  1. An xCalibre Ignite consultant meets with our Client to discuss their requirements. A job brief is prepared, detailing the specifics of the job, including key selection and success criteria.
  2. xCalibre Ignite begins sourcing quality candidates immediately through various means, including our extensive database, our industry contacts, and online advertising.
  3. Shortlisted candidates are phone screened against the criteria detailed in the Job Brief.
  4. Candidates who best match the criteria are invited in for an internal interview with an xCalibre Ignite consultant. This interview is a two-way discussion to determine exactly how you meet the requirements of the role, and whether the role meets your professional needs and motivations.
  5. If we believe that you and the role are a suitable match, we will forward your resume, our detailed interview report, and your reference checks to the Client, with your express prior permission.
  6. We will arrange and confirm interviews with the Client, should they be interested in discussing the role further with you.
  7. xCalibre Ignite will coordinate any candidate testing that is required.
  8. We will communicate and negotiate offers between you and the Client.
  9. xCalibre Ignite will provide feedback for unsuccessful Candidates that were interviewed.
  10. We will follow up with you after you have commenced your new role. Our aim is to build long-lasting relationships with all our Candidates, our job doesn’t stop when the contract is signed!

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